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        Hubei Zhongci Wanda Ceramics Co.,Ltd. is located in Chidong ceramics industrial city of economic development zone in Qichun county of Hebei province, and covers an area of 500 mu. We will invest 500 million yuan to construct 6 ceramics production lines which mainly dedicates to production of matte tile series, rustic tile, crystal tile, high grade glazing tile series and polished tiles

        The company has won good graces from customers and good reputation from many dealers by advanced ceramics equipment and technologies since entering the markets, and still own affirmation and approval from authorized institutes.

        Our Fu'erkang and Dongke brand matte tile, spar tile and rustic tile were considered as China Better Products in 2007. The company still awarded Quality, Service and Credit AAA Enterprise, Huanggang Employment Advanced Unit and others, and increased greatly market, industry and social image and brand credit and reputation.We dedicate to increasing your home grade and life quality, and are your opportunity of improving your life. The company will sincerely offer better quality products and satisfied services for you.

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